Hello guys

I want to order one sous vide machine and I can’t decide if to get it with wi-fi or without. Which is best? Thanks

Whichever one mdats your price point. All have their drawbacks.

The benefit of the wifi one is less the connectivity and more the extra power. The blu-tooth connection is extremely short range. The clamp on the Nano is not removable. And the new Pro model is overkill for anyone not in a pro kitchen.

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Thank you. The budget is not a problem…there is no big difference between them…I try to understand if it’s more help full with wi-fi…

I really don’t use the wifi feature. I set mine manually usually. I don’t tend to check a cook via remote at all. I had such a long time when wifi wasn’t reliable that I got used to life without it and just don’t bother anymore.

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Florin, if you can, decide for yourself based on your needs. Others will tell you what’s best for them. Being helpful is only useful if you need and use it. Either way the water heats and goes around your food.

Cooking in water is a slowish process that frees the cook to do other things. If not being in continuous contact with your cooking isn’t an anxiety-stimulating concept you likely don’t need wi-fi. Many of this Community’s trusting SV cooks belong to the set-and-forget sect.

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Thank you guys for your advices. Have a good time.