Anova Touch

After waiting all this time I wish I would have had an inkling that this was in development…I wonder if there will be any way for us to upgrade our units to enable wifi as well?

Unless we have a wifi chipset in there, then no. If we did, I’d think they would have mentioned this 6+ months ago.

This is probably their way of competing with the other unit with wifi that’s recently out of kickstarter.

Maybe this announcement iis what’s kept them so busy for the last 2 months!

I hope Anova offers a trade in program. According the the ChipChick article, it’s the same as the Precision Cooker but WiFI instead of Bluetooth.

This was supposed to be a stretch goal on the V2, but they decided not to do it because it would delay development and release of the cookers. (Which were already delayed, and the app is still delayed even now). So I’m not ENTIRELY surprised this is coming so quick, though I am chuffed about it. Had I known I would have waited.