Help with app

The app keeps adding 1 additional hour to cook time. What is wrong with this possessed piece of garbage application. Look you guys built a great Sous Vide machine doodad. Let us use someone else’s app to control it. YOUR APP IS GARBAGE!

I’d suggest you have a whinge to support where your words might have some impact. No one here but us lonely users.

If my complaining irritates you then feel free to not not read any posts by a member who’s name implies that they regret buying this thing over a Joule.

Not annoyed at all. Merely suggesting you direct your words of complaint to a place where they might achieve something. We’re all only users here, there is no Anova rep, so there’s nothing at all we can do to help you.

whinge : complain persistently and in a peevish or irritating way.
“stop whingeing and get on with it!”

Also peevish is being irritated by unimportant things. Waiting 2 hours instead of 1 to eat is very important.

Words get used differently in different countries. But yes, ok, poor choice.

My point still stands. The only place that you might possibly get some satisfactory response to your issue is Support. We, on the forum, are only users like you. We have no ability to assist you with the app.

Also, worth noting that when talking sous vide there is no real difference if food is cooked for an extra hour. The timer on the device, and the app form that matter, can be completely ignored, they are only a courtesy reminder. If you really require a timer for your own comfort sake you can use a standalone timer.

If people ever start raving about the app being “Wonderful” I may give it a try, but I’ve never been much interested in using a second device on top of my sous vide “stick”! Honestly, one of the main reasons I chose to buy an Anova rather than a Joule…on top of the fact that the Anova cost less money…was that I wouldn’t have to depend on an app to run my sous vide device. The “on device controls” are a must have for me. But it would be nice to get that app fixed up so that those who really want to use it will be happy!..