Helping to choose

Thank you very much Alissa
There is some question i want to do
1st of all sorry about my english
iam watching about 3 months the anova culinary from facebook and iam ready to order a unit.
BUT now iam watching the NANO unit.
What i must do to order the classic wifi unit or the NANO ?
What are the really difference about them.
Does the NANO fitting in Coleman 25 cooler like the wifi model or other cooler?
they are cooking the same ?
Yes off course the price really matters to me and the NANO is very ok with the price
Last thing can you send me a coupon for the purchase of this ?

I will let the Anova people do most of the work, but if you are thinking of using a big cooler, I would say don’t buy the Nano, the clip does not seem to be adjustable for a thick walled container. While there is a difference between the bluetooth and wifi units, they both can do the job, so it is more about how you want to connect. The wifi gives the most options for connecting.

I own the bluetooth and it does fine in my 24 quart cooler. I don’t connect at all, I use the controls on the unit.

Yes because i want to purchase and this cooler here in Greece.So and the bluetooth and the wifi will work fine with this cooler It is 14 liter

Hey! Our cookers are available at our online store. :slight_smile:

Our current bluetooth and wifi units are here:

The Nano cooker is here:

Keep in mind the Nano is a pre-order and will be shipped later this year or in January of next year (depends when you order + where you’re located).

I personally have never used a cooler for my cooks, so I can’t say. @RichardOL is right - the clamp is not adjustable and it’s fixed.

We have a product comparison chart between the Nano and the rest of our models that might help:

Oh, the coupon we had for the Nano has expired. :frowning:

But it’s still at a great price! The original price for the Nano is $99, but we’re selling it for $89 for a limited time! :slight_smile: