Herbs and Oil

It has been the perfect Summer for a garden here in the US Midwest. My garden is flourishing and I have more fresh herbs than I know what to do with.  An article at ChefSteps http://www.chefsteps.com/activities/tips-tricks-freeze-fresh-herbs-into-flavor-nuggets?utm_source=ChefSteps&utm_campaign=6b82494700-frozen_flavor_nuggets&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a61ebdcaa6-6b82494700-131000489 reminded me of a great way to save herbs for those cold winter months. These little cubes also make a great addition to our sous vide bags for extra flavoring.

I also will be making compound butter with the herbs to put on a steak or burger as a nice finish. One of my favorites is a butter made with fresh dill and some lemon juice for fish.

Another trick if you have a basil plant is to snip off stems as it starts to get a little leggy and is ready to bolt. Place them in a glass of water and they will develop roots in a week or so. Plant these new ones in a small pot and you will have a new basil plant that will be a nice producer later into the season. Repeat this at the end of the year for indor Winter plants.