Heritage Chicken, Whole bird

I have done enough with my anova that I feel comfortable experimenting but do not want to waste a really good bird!

I found the recipe for poached chicken.
Why poach it?
Can I not just season the bird, put it in a bag, seal it in and let the magic happen?
I have the temp and the time, but just do not understand the necessity of putting broth in… especially since I got a bird that should taste fantastic! (unlike storebought broilers and fryers that need flavor added).


Skip the broth Mate.

Go with your instinct;

Yup. I’d spatchcock it, season it, bag it and give it a long sleep in a hot tub. Poaching will only dilute the flavour.

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@txwillisfamily Hey! So how did bird go!? Did you cook it?

I was really happy!
ended up by spatchcocking it, salt & pepper, sealed in bag, and had it at 155 degrees for 8 hours (ended up getting home late from work… but that is the beauty of the sous vide, right?!)

came out fantastic! meat was falling off the bones.
Separated the wings and thighs to broil it (450 degrees for about 15 minutes)
It is not a beautiful pic, but I tried to attach one I took to help me remember how it looked

Cannot wait to do it, again!

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Heritage breeds have so much more flavour than the commercially produced ones.

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