High steam in the APO

As others have commented before (here and elsewhere), the APO struggles to provide enough steam to cook foods that are ordinarily done with bamboo steamers (steam buns, fish, etc). I’ve seen a video of a person getting better results by using steam + lower element and adding a cup of water into the oven. This seems to produce more steam as its coming from the steam boiler and the evaporator. Having trouble steaming soft and fluffy buns with Anova precision oven? APO蒸包唔掂。點搞? - YouTube

I’m wondering if anyone here has any thoughts on how this might affect the oven or whether there are any better techniques for achieving high steam. Last year Tim052 mentioned that anova might be working on a higher steam setting that disables the other heating elements allowing the boiler to use the more power. But I assume this never happened?


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I guess just to add on the last point, back when Scott Heimendinger was with anova he wrote “FYI, we’re exploring adding a ‘Turbo Steam’ mode to produce a cooking environment more comparable to a stovetop steamer for those scenarios. If successful, it will be available in a future firmware update.”