How do you shut if off?

The Anova One had a ON/OFF switch in the back, for the life of me the only way i can figure out to shut it down when not in use is to unplug it. Is it meant to leave on all the time?

unless I missed something doesn’t have one, just unplug it.

Don’t understand how to turn it off either… In the maintenance part of the menu it says “before beginning service… always turn off and unplug”… tried every which way to turn it off -------finally just unplugged it…Additionally, I also cannot turn the pump cap out of the lock position to remove----my sister tried too and couldn’t either…

On the positive side made delicious salmon with it tonight…

You unplug it.

I think I’ve found a couple of suitable switches…Belkin Model # F7C016 and GE Model # 52149, both available from Amazon and Home Depot. They’re each rated for 1800 watts, are grounding, and convert a standard wall outlet to switching.

The Belkin has a green LED to show that it’s on, sort of redundant given the Precision Cooker’s light show. The GE has no LED but would probably have to occupy the upper socket.

I bought the Belkin, Home Depot has the GE for On-line sale only and I didn’t want to wait. I don’t think you could go wrong with either one.


Is this the only answer we know? Can someone from Anova confirm that its ‘off’ even though all the lights are on (and really really bright, light gives my wife a migraine bright). Hopefully we can get a better answer here otherwise I’m going to need to return this thing. I’m not finding that the display turns itself off ‘after a short time’ as Happycook is saying. Maybe my oven is defective.

The oven display will time out after 30 minutes

As a new owner I did eventually figure it out but it was confusing on day one. 30minutes seems awfully long. Ideally we’d have a configuration option but if not I think a shorter time as well as a more prominent sticker about this would help