APO: Heating Element Not Turning Off

I received my APO last Sunday and set it up, and updatef the firmware.

I used the oven for the first time and I loved it.

However, later that day, I noticed the outside of the door was still very warm. I opened it and the bottom heating element was still heating, even though the cooking was done.

I contacted support and I was told, that the oven doesn’t turn off, I have to unplug it.

That doesn’t make sense. Anyone else running into this issue?

I suspect they misunderstood your issue, because, of course the oven shuts off – assuming you pressed the on/off button (touch pad on the far right) when you were done. The default behavior is to reach the end of the cook and hold until you turn it off.

But unplug it? No. The on/off switch has always been the norm.