Precision Oven - Bottom element causes oven to shut down?

My precision oven showed up this week and I started proceeding through the initial bake-offs for the heating elements. It worked perfectly (aside from flickering lights) for the rear element, but shut itself off completely when trying to heat the top and bottom elements. The UI bar went black and even unplugging/replugging wouldn’t get it to come back on - I had to leave it plugged in for a while and eventually it resurrected itself. After some more experimentation, it seems that the top and rear elements are usable, but the bottom element causes this shut-down behavior 100% of the time, after anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds. I updated firmware to 1.0.1 but that didn’t help. I’m waiting to hear back from customer support, but has anyone else experienced weird behavior like this? Between this and the flickering light, I’m a little worried I just bought something that wasn’t ready for market.

Some people were putting a pan on the bottom of the oven during operating and it was causing problems. Apparently the bottom element is not suppose to be blocked. Not sure if this is what happened in your case but just a thought.

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Not sure, but this sounds as though the oven might have tripped what I assume is your GFCI outlet / circuit breaker and then lost power, until things cooled down and the oven eventually recovered? We had intermittent GFCI outlet trips until I replaced the wall outlet with a new 20 amp GFCI. (May not have been the oven’s fault, that outlet was dodgy before it arrived.)