How should I make different kinds of jams?

With my cooker can I cook anything that is not in the recipes section I am thinking about making homemade jams and preservatives and all I see is strawberry and rhubarb I just want to make different kinds

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Yep, you can make all sorts of jams, they don’t have to be from the app. What types do you have in mind? There are a few other recipes we have for jam, including apricot and fig. If you swap the ingredients for fruit out for another type of fruit, your jam should turn out just fine.

Let us know what you come up with, would love to check it out!


if I want to make strawberry jams and jellies or preservatives

I’d be inclined to compare a traditional recipe with the sous vide recipe, eg the apricot jam, and see what the differences are. Then comparing the original recipe with your own should give you a good idea of the adjustments required to do it sous vide.

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I was just wondering if it is almost the same thing like cooking in the pot via cooker I looked it up the way people make it verse the cooker