Sous Vide Spaghetti Squash?


Has anyone tried cooking spaghetti squash in the sous vide?

I know other squashes work well, and sous vide could be a good way to make it while I’m out of house so it is ready when I get back.

Any suggestions for time or temp?

Hey Dennis!

You can totally make spaghetti squash in the precision cooker! I referenced this reddit post:

When I tried it, I cut into fourths, added some butter, salt and pepper and then cooked it for a little over an hour at 185 F. Also, something that is great about this is that you can make Sous Vide tomato and basil sauce at the same time at the same temp!

Just follow this recipe:

It is a really easy meal, and you can do it all in the sous vide if you are busy or need to leave the ouse for a bit! Add some meat if you need protein and you are set!

Hope that helps!

Spaghetti squash is quite possibly the easiest thing to cook in with your immersion circulator. Remove any stickers from the squash and put it --whole-- in a pot of water. No bag required.

The only challenge is that a whole squash will float. I put a small bowl on top of the squash, in the water, and this kept it submerged.

I cooked the whole squash at 150F for a little over an hour. Then I let it cool completely (I actually put mine in the fridge to till the next day.) Once cool, it’s very easy to cut open the squash, remove all the seeds and scrape out all of the strands of squash with a fork.

At this point you can season, toss with a sauce, etc.