How to actually user the timer!

Is it just me, or has anyone else found the instructions for setting up the timer on this device in the ‘Operating Manual’ misleading, or…er, just plain wrong?

If the Precision Cooker is already running and you follow the instructions in the ‘Operating Manual’ (ie Press and hold “Play/Start” for 8 seconds etc), you will appear to set the the timer but after a few seconds the display will revert to the set temperature and you will find that the cooker simply runs and runs.

A bit of trial and error suggests the following is the way to go:-

  1. Start from a position where the Cooker is not running (ie, when the “Play” button is showing red and the pump is not operating)
  2. Next, you need to have the timer display illuminated in blue. If it already is illuminated, then skip to Step 3. If it’s not illuminated then you need to press the “Play/Start” button for 8 seconds. Of course, whilst you’re doing this, the temperature units will change from Celcius to Fahrenheit (or vice versa). Therefore, once the timer display has illuminated, press the “Play/Start” button again for 3 seconds to change the temperature units back to your preference.
  3. OK, so now you should have the “Play/Start” button showing red and the timer button showing blue (and the Cooker not running). If that’s the situation, then
  4. Set the required temperature using the scroll wheel, then
  5. Press the timer button for 3 seconds, then
  6. Set the required time (in 5 minute increments) using the scroller wheel, then
  7. Press “Play/Start”.

If everything is working, the “set temperature” part of the display will alternate every few seconds between the temperature set and the time remaining (in 1 minute increments). When the time has expired, the Cooker will emit 3 short bleeps every few seconds, but will not switch off.

I hope this helps someone because, Lord knows, it took me long enough to work out.

Anova - sort your instructions out!

Thank you so much. I printed this out and will keep it with the manual… Much clearer! You are right. The manual left much to be desired…

The manual does mention this, but feels kinda off since they don’t explicitly mention that the units of measure changing is intended.

Honestly, it’s annoying as hell to have to restore it back the metric whenever I use the timer.

My problem with the 8s hold to enable the timer function is that it swaps the temperature mode to the opposite of what you have it set for.

Say you turn it on and it’s in Fahrenheit and you hold play for 8s. It’ll swap to Celcius and then enable the timer. According to their Twitter account this is as expected. Then use play for 3s to swap back to Fahrenheit.

This is not intuitive