How to return

I was able to get a return label for my defective Anova Precision Oven, but I don’t have the original box and I don’t know how I am supposed to ship this back without a box. A normal cardboard box is not sturdy enough. Anova hasn’t responded to multiple requests (phone, email, chat). I also don’t know if I am supposed to ship back all of the accessories or what.


Rest assured that customer support will reach out soon. All things that were included in the original packaging should be returned. We will help you out!

Anova called me. They told me to “use any box.” But I don’t have any box that will fit the oven and I shouldn’t have to go out and purchase a box to return a defective product. They need to send me the replacement in a box, so I can ship back the defective oven in the box.

I’ve passed this along to the team, expect them to reach out ASAP!

I fully agree that Anova should send a box.

I’m trying to decide if I need to store this huge box in the event my unit fails during the 2 year warranty.

BTW, is Anova covering the shipping cost for a warranty return?

So it’s not a return, it’s an exchange?

I bet they can put a hold on your card and ship you the new unit. They’ve been pretty good to deal with for me in the past, so sit tight, hopefully they’ll make it right.

Without a proper box and packing materials, what might have been a few dollar refurbishment/repair for them could easily become a major rebuild, assuming the make-do box even survives - all that original Styrofoam is there for a reason


Anova contacted me again and they were understanding and will ship out a replacement so I can reuse the box to send back the old one. Thanks, Anova!


Happy to help! Happy cooking!