How to start cooking/timer when temp has reached?

Thanks! I will try just walking away without panicking if I am making something not so exciting (like carrots :-))

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Awesome. Thank you for showing this!

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Hi, I use the APC Bluetooth version for the first time. It very easy to disconnect, anyone has the same problem? I also would love to know, will tge APC auto ture off when the timer is done or I have to manually ture the APC off? Thanks!!!

Hey @Jitlada BT connection might drop if you’re out of range. I recommend reaching out to if the BT connection is giving you issues. Also, the APC will not turn off when the timer goes off. To turn the APC completely off, you’ll need need to unplug it.

Ok, so when using manual set controls, you have to wait for the temp to be reached then set the timer? Is this correct? Other wise the timer will start immediately even before the cooking temp is reached?

@sayakat the timer doesn’t automatically start when manually setting up temperature. You’d have to manually start the timer whenever - you can either start that once the temps have reached, or before, or not set it up at all.