Huge whole sirloin tip

I’ve been using my Anova for about 2 years now and use it constantly and for everything. I have done great roasts, and am now looking to cook a whole sirloin tip. It’s about 6kg (13.5 lbs). Anyone tried this before and have suggestions for time and temperature?

Kim, why cook a whole sirloin tip when heat penetration of that much meat is going to be a significant challenge at any temperature achievable in a water bath?

Build on your successes of producing great roasts. Use your technique for similar roasts but realize that the maximum practical, - and safe, SV thickness limit is about 3 inches or 70mm. That equates to a minimum safe cook time to achieve internal temperature equilibrium of 4 hours.

I would cut that roast into manageable pieces, then season, package, cook and sear as usual. Remember that the sirloin tip is only a neighbour of sirloin. It’s a cut from the top of the rump. Go long to go good.

How thick is it?

Hi! Sorry for the delay in response!

It’s about 5 inches thick

I’d go 24-36 hours at 129°F. This will give you in the rare- light mid rare ballpark. That’s just what i would do.

Kim, if you are going to cook that whole sub-primal cut in one piece you need to consider a few food safety details, particularly if the meat has been mechanically tenderized which has become quite common.

Since Brian’s recommended cooking temperature is below the thermal death point for pathogens such as Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli you risk running a race between cooked and having dangerous bacteriological growth winning. If you or anyone you are serving has a compromised immune system i recommend you use the technique i advised above and cook at 131F or higher to ensure Pasteurization is achieved.

If the meat has not had the application of a Jaccard you might want to simply dip the meat in boiling water for a minute before drying, seasoning and packaging. That will kill off anything dangerous that traveled with the meat from the packer. Handle the meat with tongs you have sterilized in the boiling water or with alcohol wipes so you don’t run the risk of cross contamination.

These are considerations behind why huge and Sous Vide aren’t often used together.


I am extremely vigilant about food safety. Once I removed it from the packaging, it separated pretty easily into smaller roasts. I’m more comfortable with that too.

The cut came from a very reputable distributor, but still I would rather be safe than sorry.

Thank you so much for your reply!

Kim, now you’re cooking.