Newbie: Sirloin Tip Roast Tough

Did a 4.5# sirloin tip roast (choice) for 48 hours @130 deg. Perfectly rare but tough and dry. There was about 2 cups of juices in the bag. Wondering if I cooked it too long or not long enough? Lessons for the future? Thanks.

This may be useful to you:

Maybe it was the type of juice you used. I’ve only used dry seasonings myself so I don’t know how it would have interacted with the meat. Maybe try with just salt and pepper next time and see if you get different results?

I didnt use any juice. The juice all came from the meat.

Oh, gotcha. I’ve never cooked anything that long but I imagine that’s all rendered fat. Might be worth cutting that cook time in half next time and see what the difference is.

Belgique, that far from the ideal cut of meat. You lost about a pound of fluids out of 4.5 pounds. That’s more than i would expect at 130ᴼF.

Was that a “Seasoned” roast? Meaning that it had been pumped with a brine solution before packaging. You are always going to have increased fluid loss with those roasts.

If you are a persistant cook and want a second attempt, split the roast, if it’s that size, in half and cook for about 24 hours.

You might want to cook an Inside Blade or similar solid chuck roast next time. They are not as large, but seem to have better SV outcomes than cuts from the hip of beef. Better flavour too.

Thanks all. Tempted to cook this one a little more to see if it becomes more tender. Otherwise, the dog is going to be happy.

Longer than 48 hours?

Are you really Chef Thomas Keller?
I understand your customers make reservations months ahead to have your 4-day Prime Rib.