Beef Loin Top Boneless Sirloin Butt

OK bought one had cut into individual 2” steaks, 135 after 3 hours still somewhat tough but juicy then tried 15 hours but think was too long lost lot of juice. Any suggestions like make these taste and feel like steak?

I’d go somewhere between 6-10 hours. I’m guessing by the temperature at which you’re cooking that you’re after something closer to the medium side of things, otherwise I’d be inclined to bring the temperature down a little to 130F.

Note, the longer anything is cooked the more loose fluid it will lose. That will be increased by higher temperatures. But that fluid is essence of beef (or pork or whatever). Just clarify it by simmering to coagulate the proteins, strain it and reduce it. It will give you the base for the best sauce ever.

Thanks I will try again at 6 hours @131