I do not understand some of the receipes.

Not to be a pain in the ‘end’, but when some of the recipes call for a (it seems like) short amount of time to cook an item, can that be the time to tenderize it or just cook? Does Anova agree with them? I do not want my cooks to be mushy, but I want it tender. Where can one go to find out what Anova advises for different cooks? They should know with all their research.

It depends entirely on what the ‘item’ is. Some things are naturally tender and don’t require collagen conversion.

jbee - This link might help you:

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Anedre thanks for the reply. But that is a lot to read and then understand. How many here have done that? I was just wondering. On the naturally tender items, I would only cook for the short time.

Baldwin does take a bit of reading and digesting, but you don’t have to do it in a single sitting. And it’s broken down into usable chunks under appropriate headings. The Safety Summary that Andre1D linked to is particularly important information.

Sous vide is a great way of cooking and getting steaks and chicken breast perfectly cooked, but where the wow factor really comes in is with longer cooks. Being able to take a less expensive, hard working muscle and serve it medium rare and buttery tender like premium steak completely changes the way you think.

Hopefully one day you’ll take the plunge, @jbee.