Interesting insulator for pots?

Hi all,

For the pot I use for sous vide I have towels covering it + a chopping board underneath - as you can imagine it looks pretty bad but I’ve seen this insulation band and mat and wondering if anyone has tried it?

Any help much appreciated!


It will insulate things, but it won’t make a lot of difference. See this discussion:

IMO, the insulation products being offered are an expensive solution to a problem that doesn’t need solving.

If you look at past posts in the community, you will see several of us use leftover foil-lined bubble wrap aka “Reflectix” and duct tape to make something similar.

Thanks for the help. I purchased the product in the end as hopefully it will look nicer than the Reflectix (I have used that in the past)… Thanks for the help

Why spend a lot of money on a single purpose item? I got some 1’’ rigid foam (pink) from Home Depot, and I cut a base and pot covers, from it, and I use a couple of big bath towels to wrap the pot. I have posted this info here before. Look it up.