Is clipping bags to the tops of vessels actually safe?

I see a lot of info about clipping bags to the tops of cooking vessels. This is usually to help combat floating bags. However, I’m often putting raw meat into the bags and very likely have raw meat juices near the tops of the bags. I can’t imagine having the tops of the bags hanging over the edge of the vessel while cooking is actually food safe, but I’d like to hear from the experts.

Am I being too paranoid?


I don’t clip or weight the bags, I just toss them in. I’ve never had any issues with uneven cooking or whatever the clips are supposed to alleviate.

If anything, I think the clips are unnecessary for meats. I’m skeptical that any restaurant kitchen that has a sous vide setup is bothering with cliping anything.

I think it is preference, a lot of people do it, especially if they aren’t using vacuum sealed bags, but if you are uncomfortable with it, you don’t have to. Weighting your bags or just throwing them in is just as effective and you don’t have to worry about the safety concerns if it is something you are worried about.

Good point. I have a vacuum sealer so I don’t have to worry about the bags being torn open at the zipper from being moved around in the waterbath.