is it normal to slow down the temperature rising toward the target?

I’ve found that often the temperature reaching almost the target setting, it slows down much slower.

Especially for Sous Vide mode, it takes LONG TIME staying one or two degree below the target setting. I don’t know how long it stays in this stagnant stage. Because it took so long, I always changed the setting to the temperature it stayed and considered done (212F for Sous Vide, yet after 197 or so, temperature climbed up very slowly.

Completely normal, the heating goes slower when the food temperature Approaches the oven temperature. If you are in a hurry use the turbo mode, set the oven temperature a few degrees higher than your wanted internal temperature and use the probe to stop cooking at your desired temperarure.


At one point, this seemed to have been overcome, so I’m guessing there was a firmware update that turned up the gain on the feedback loop, then turned it back. The issue with upping the gain is that you’ll get a degree of overshoot. It would be nice if that were a switchable option (I’m personally fine with a bit of overshoot). Alternatively, they could make it start the timer at say 2 degrees C away from the target temp, rather than the 0.5 at present.