Is the old API/SDK compatible with the Nano BLE interface?

Hi Anova

Will the API/SDK that is currently working with the Anova and the Anova 2 be compatible with the new Nano? In other words, will apps that support the old Anovas today be able to control the Nano as well?

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Stefan, Lead Developer “Sous Vide °Celsius”

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Hi!!! :sunglasses:

Yes, our current app that supports our existing cookers will also be the same app that controls the Nano.

Let me know if you have any other Qs! :slight_smile:

Hi Alyssa

I just got my Anova Nano today. Unfortunately it looks like it uses a completely new API. Could you double check with your developers if the Nano uses the same BLE API?

It is different

Will you document the API for third party integrations?

We’re not currently supporting 3rd party.