Multicook Capability

Will the 4.0 cooker be able to use a multicook function like the nano will in October?


Yes, that’s right!

Thanks Alyssa, Should I wait until October to buy them?(I would like 2).

Totally your call! You can still use multiple Anovas now. They can be controlled manually and you can have one set up to the app for now.

Thank you again!
The only change will be the app on the phone?
Is there any advantage that the Nano has over the 4.0 other than size and cost?
The Nano is reported as being water resistant. Is the 4.0?
Do you offer any discounts for me being a senior citizen, buying 2 units, or being an all around nice guy?

Thanks I wont ask any more ?s ( honest! )
Don Roberto

Your questions are welcomed here. :slight_smile:

Yep, you’ll be able to link multiple cookers together and monitor them all simultaneously through the Anova app.

The Nano is really smart and the connection is super reliable. The device will be able to update regularly and improve its technology. The touch interface is super easy and intuitive. It’s a really nice experience.

One of my favorite reviews of the Nano is from the Sous Vide Everything channel. It gives a visual description of what the Nano does and how it compares to our other models. It’s super honest and I think it’s worth checking out.

Hi Alyssa, I bought the Nano and had great results cooking rib eyes. Best steaks ever. Thanks again for your advice.

Don Roberto