Just got one....really pumped to use it but what pot to use?

It was a gift…so I don’t mind spending a few dollars.  What is the best pot?  I have a good sized stainless steel pot.  I set it up on my counter with a silicone trivet.  I left it for a few hours and there was noticeable evaporation.  At best I am making food for 6-8 but normally 4 people.  I have aspirations of trying fancy stuff…that chocolate chip recipe looks amazing…but would really be happy trying chicken, steak and fish at first.  



Any pot will do. There is a Cambro container that works well for large cooks. I use different pots depending on what I am cooking. Plastic wrap pver the top will cut down on the evaporation. If you search therough the Community posts there are many posts about both subjects.