Just got this, second cook failed.

I got the Anova immersion cooker for my birthday last month. I cooked shrimp some weeks later, with many praises.

I tried it a second time today, and it would not heat the water. Temperature detection seems fine, but the heating element would not turn on, nor did the immersion propeller/fan/whatever rotate.

Has anyone else experienced this? I tried a factory reset, to no avail.

Seriously, surely this isn’t expected behavior using this for the second time! Has anyone experienced this and found an easy fix? Or am I just at the mercy of Anova, without a purchase receipt?

Yes, I emailed support.

Thanks for your time, good people.

Well which model do you have? I have one of the originals and it’s works great. Been using it weekly for 3 years now. However I have returned 2 defect Nanos already.

I have the original (not nano) cooker, 900W WiFi/Bluetooth.

Surely this must be a manufacturing mistake, since plenty of people use this same immersion cooker often.

Seriously, I had one successful cook, and then failure. Water level was between Min and Max both times, the container was a 12 quart Rubbermaid container with Anova compatible silicone lid. Much less than the maximum 5 gallons.

The $30 refurb Hamilton Beach sous vide/crockpot unit that I got first -to see whether I like sous vide cooking or not- is still chugging along just fine. My ladylove wanted me to get rid of it after I got the Anova, and I initially agreed since I did get the immersion cooker I was really yearning for, as a gift. It’s pretty clunky and takes up a lot of space. Now I’m not so sure anymore. If one brand new Anova unit can fail (yes, after a single cook, admittedly, not virgin brand new) why wouldn’t another?

Anyway, thanks for replying! I’m hoping that Anova support can help make this right, even though I got it as a gift.

Yeah, that is not normal at all and customer support will be of course help, even though this was a gift! Please do reach out to us at support@anovaculinary.com. :slight_smile:

Sent an e-mail, stating that it was a gift, and received a reply asking for the order number and receipt from the purchase. I didn’t buy it; my brother did and gave it to me brand new as a gift. Fingers crossed.

Just another chime in to say my WiFi unit has been working perfectly for the past 10 months. No problems whatsoever.

Thanks, I guess it’s as they suggested, that I got a faulty unit. Hope they’ll support it even though it was a gift.

Well, I sent it back last week, which was supposed to trigger a replacement. I haven’t received a notification that a replacement is being sent, and e-mail to support remains unanswered. Just updating here so anyone looking into this issue in the future knows what to expect.

Hey, what was your ticket number with support? I want to make sure you’re taken care of!

I got it taken care of, thanks! Turns out that UPS didn’t automatically notify the folks at Anova when the return was received. Cristy verified that it was received and sent a replacement, which I just received today. Fingers crossed that this one doesn’t exhibit the issue (and can connect to WiFi.) Will take it for a spin this weekend. Here’s hoping!

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Thanks for the update! Glad it was all sorted out.