Lamb stuffed breast (cook times query)

Looking for times from anyone with experience.

Lamb is the level pegging favourite to veggie burgers (yes, I know) in our house, whereas a steak is way down the list.

I had meal prepped, based on wife’s random shopping habits & have a backlog of decent sausages to get through 40 litre container of assorted pasta’s left over from lockdown & had said, we need to hit this, anticipate a few sausage & pasta dishes in coming days & weeks

One thing she came back from the supermarket this week was British lamb stuffed breast, 6 pieces, so , I’m freezing some sausages as this is fresh lamb, the stuffing wouldn’t thank me being frozen either.

Thin cut, rolled, can I safely sous vide this (have vac sealer to stop it coming apart though I prefer to use regular sous capable bacofoil bags.

To be pan finished / air fryer tested (so I can tell student house airfryer owning daughter if it works or not)
Simply could not find a stuffed lamb breast recipe, …thus the ask for guidance (as a regular supper time meal with a bit of steamed broccoli & some decent cornish sea salt.

Clock is ticking on me, sorry, & I need to get this licked for sunday night “nowt fancy” supper.


Update, took my life in my hands, cooked & chilled to be re-warmed today for a few hours then pan finished, a small ziploc (double seal) took the lot in one bag with no visible loss of stuffing, used my empty lidded takeaway containers to assist submersion, bracing against the silicone pot cover.

Decided to do a 3 hour cook, based on the miasma of 2,3, -24 hr lamb recipes out there, …that & the last long lamb leg cook was an unmitigated disaster.
A cook & learn experience.

Final update, all was well (stuffing stayed together, lamb remained coiled.
Placed safely in the pan & that’s where it all fell apart …bah!

Still edible, still tasted good, just looked a mess.
One for the air fryer, “avoid stuffing” unless in a carcass for sous vide.