Lamb shoulder cook-chill

De-boned lamb shoulder and rubbed with garlic, rosemary, thyme, sage, porcini powder, MSG, olive oil, and a chunk of feta all blended into a paste.

Split the shoulder between two portions, tied with butcher’s twine, then vacuum sealed. I used some clear packing tape to wrap the outside of the vacuum bags taut to help the meat hold a slightly prettier shape (it’s still gonna slump when I unbag).

Normally I’d cook these bagless in the APO but in this case, I’m doing cook-chill, then will finish on the grill on Sunday. By cooking them bagged and sealed, I increase my shelf life in between the sous vide cook and the final finish.

I’m cooking at 55C Sous Vide Mode for at least 6 hours. That is likely to pasteurize the contents based on the thickness of these rolls (using a pasteurization look up table), but still gives me headroom of an extra degree or two of doneness from the final grilling.

When cooking in sealed bags in the APO, it doesn’t really matter what humidity you set for Sous Vide Mode. The meat will always experience 100% relative humidity inside the sealed bag. I set the oven to 100% humidity for a little boost of heat conductivity to the bag itself, but for a long cook like this one, 0% will yield the same results.

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Looks epiccccc! Great tips!