Linux SDK


Are there any plans for a Linux SDK? I would like to have a Raspberry PI talk to the device, presenting a web interface to it.
If not, is it possible to get access to the Bluetooth API?


There is a link somewhere at this site to an experimentation with RPi: . Here - - you can find everything that anybody outside of Anova Culinary knows about the interface. It was enough information for me to write my Android app. Shouldn’t be much more difficult to write for RPi. (Well, actually it is more difficult, because Bluetooth LE is not extremely stable in official RPi Linux builds in my limited experience, but it is doable.)

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@vtemkin‌ Cool, thanks! The Android app works fine, but it seemed like a fun little project.

Late to the thread here but I did spend some time trying to get BT LE working on an rPI. I didn't get very far though since the default BlueZ package in Raspbian was too old to support BT LE. I started to cross-compile a more up to date version but that quickly spiraled into building a lot of updated dependencies and it eventually fell to the way-side.

@npankey Exactly my story. I didn't have so much "fun" compiling stuff since the early days of Linux. Plus all the beauty of cross-compiling. I suspect some more current distro would have the fuctioning BlueZ by now (it seemed the sources were already good 3 months ago, when I tried), but I didn't touch my RPi since then.

I’ve published a Python API that I’ve been using from my raspberry pi since last Aug.  It has a very basic REST api in the examples folder…  I thought I’d share in case it’s useful to anyone…