Long beep, nothing or F or C on display

My Anova was beepling longtime yesterday, I turned it of by pulling the powerplug but today the display does nothing or randomly showing wrong terperatures or displaying an F or a C on the display. Pulling the powerplug again is not helping. Is there another way to get it working again? I have just bought a 2.5kg roast and giving a meal for 12 on christimas day :frowning:
I can provide some videos if necessary.

Hey there. Something’s clearly wrong with your cooker. I would reach out to support@anovaculinary.com so we can help get that cooker fixed or replaced for you.

Alyssa, could erratic power surges be causing controller malfunctions?

I know from experience that in some areas of NA shifts in voltage can be substantial having destroyed some of my solid-state circuit boards’ operating capability.

Just wanted to say that Anova support replaced my device at no cost.

But not in time for Christmas, instead roasted my meat in the oven at low temperature. Tasted very nice as well. Should try that more often. :slight_smile:

For other people out of warranty this will fox the issue too.