Long beep permanent low water alarm fix how-to


This is for educational purposes only. This hack will disable the low water alarm and enable the propeller to turn on outside of water. This is a possible fire and injury inducing modification. I will not be responsible for any damages or injuries that occur from following this guide. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!

That being said this is a pretty simple fix. This looks like a lot of info but it super simple!

Check out this teardown video:
(you only need to remove two screws and only need to watch up to the 6:30 mark)

Parts you will need (unless you are very good at soldering):
50 PCS Solder Seal Wire Connectors

1350 Pcs 50 Values Resistor Kit
( I know this is overkill you only need one 10K Ohm resistor but I can’t find them sold individually)

Heat gun

This is the fix:

  1. The wires in the video are 1 Red, 1 Blue and 2 Green. On my unit there were 1 Red, 1 Black and 2 white. You only need to worry about the red and blue or the red and black. Ignore the two colors that are the same. See this picture:

  1. Next pull back the black cable tube shielding (on the second pic) to expose the wires.

  2. Cut the red and black wires in the middle so you have room to work with both ends. Strip off the ends to expose the wire. (example below)

  3. Slide the smallest sealed wire connector through the red wire (mine was the white colored one). Re connect the red wire by twisting it back together like this:

  4. Bend a 10K Ohm resistor and shove it into the sealed wire connector like so:
    Make sure the resistor and the two wires all touch and align with the ball of solder

  5. Use a heat-gun (recommended) or lighter to melt the solder and seal the red wires and leg of the resistor together.

  6. now do the same for the black wires. You want it to end up looking like this:

  7. It should look something like this:

    (I forgot to put the black wire back through the PCB hole :frowning: )

Add a little electrical tape and tuck everything back in. Clip it back and screw it together.

No more beeping!

If you still get beeping your wires and resistor are not contacting properly together and with the solder. I can confirm this is working and my beeping issues are all gone.

AGAIN WARNING: This is now a potential fire hazard due to this disables the low water shut off. Do not leave the system unattended. The propeller / heating element will now power on without water and will not turn off when the water is low so I do not take any responsibility if things go wrong. This is just for educational purposes.


Bob, today i am submitting your nomination to the Nobel Prize Awards Committee for service to humanity.

Thank you.

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Wow! I’m impressed with how well you documented that procedure. Kudos.

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I forgot a pic of what the final install looks like, I’ll try and update soon. And thank you!

I have the same problem but with ANOVA NANO. Always low level even after cleaning it with 1/2 vinegar, 1/2 water for 30 min at 70celsius.
Does anyone know how to open Nano model to by-pass the water sensor?
Thanks, B

Hi Bsimoes,

In my experience the vinegar “solution” is useless. I’m not familiar with the Nano internals so I have no idea if my fix is even possible. Is it still under warranty?


Unfortunately, the warranty is over… Anyone knows how to open the Nano model?


I got mine working with just connecting the 2 lowlevel water probes together with a copper wire.

Hi Bob,
wouldn’t be simplier to solder the resistor directly on the board where the blue and red cables are soldered?
any downside I.'m not considering doing so?

Actually you don’t even need to open the Anova. Just short the two temperature probes (the probes not connected to the heating element) and you are good to go. No need to open the cooker and invalidate the warranty. Be aware this is dangerous, there’s a chance of damaging the heating element if there’s not enough water and obviously there’s a fire hazard