Random beeping during cooking

Is anyone else experiencing random beeping from the device at any given time in the cook? It is happening to me and in the middle of the night. The water level is good, nothing is crowding the circulator, it happens at low temps as well as high.

Are you sure it’s actually random? If the temp fluctuates, the unit will beep as it comes back into range of the set point temp.

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You could be right, but I am cooking in a cooler that has a hard plastic container that inserts into a thermal liner (about 1/2" or 1.27 cm) with a zip close lid. With that I would not expect the temp to come in and out of range?

That sounds like a soft side cooler?

I have no idea how good or bad those are at maintaining temp for this process. My only experience with them is as a cooler/ice chest and all the ones I’ve tried were not very effective.

Here is a fix.