Low Water Alarm

Three weeks into having my Anova Precision Cooker (release version, not hacker special) and after a number of uses including multiple 24hr+ cooks, it now works for only 30 seconds before triggering the low water alarm. Unplugging the unit and plugging it back in gives it another thirty seconds or so, but the low water alarm comes right back on. My container is filled to the MAX line. I repositioned the cooker, drained it and put it back in the water, took off and cleaned the skirt and polycarbonate cap, everything. Does anyone have any info or am I doomed to wait for support to get back to me?

Sad to say, but it sounds like you’re doing everything right, and your cooker is defective. If you haven’t contacted support@anovaculinary.com yet, I would do that straight away. Maybe an official Anova rep will chime in, but my guess is that is what they’ll have you do.

Sadly, have an email in to support, waiting for response.

This got weirder. I left my unit unplugged for two days and gave it a try again and it works, sort of – the low water alarm no longer goes off, but now the temp displayed constantly varies – I had it set to 142 and it was varying between 139 and 155, displayed. Every so often it would give the “at temp” double beep, but the displayed temp when it did so could be 151 or 140. Even weirder, it would sometimes display IMPOSSIBLE temperatures, shooting up well past 200 to 300, 400 degrees, at which point it would stop heating/pumping and not work until it was unplugged and plugged back in.

I definitely need a replacement unit, but support@anovaculinary.com hasn’t responded. @anova @"Stephen Svajian"‌ any hope for me?

@bsd‌ Would you mind filling out a return request here: http://anovaculinary.com/pages/returns

My anova had the same problem. I fixed the error simply connecting the 2 sensors with a wire. I could not replace it because the warranty is over. Now I don’t have the water sensor anymore. But at least the machine is working.

Hi Robson. can you show me how you did it?
Thanks so much in advance!

Low water alarm fix