as to manual temp, why cant any one directly answer the question ‘‘how do you set the temp manually’’. i mean several answers yes, but no how. is it a cruel joke?? it is a simple question that deserves a simple answer!
just answer the questipon. so much crapola on the way

Which device do you have? There is a wheel on the front of the IC that lights up blue on the large units, might be a different colour on the Nano. Spin this to set the temperature manually.

It is much easier to answer a simple question if it is asked clearly and with some background information to support it.

All devices ship with a quick start guide which explains its use. Further information is available in the support section of the website including FAQs and videos on set up, cleaning, etc.


See Ember’s response. I have a question: have you ever actually asked how to see the temperature manually before?

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Hi @machtre

After looking at your profile I can only assume your post to be some kind of joke. Aside from the fact that when an Anova is purchased it includes clear instructions on how to do just what you’ve asked, I see by your profile (see image below) that there’s no record of you even asking this question previously… Anyway, you now have the answer.

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