Marinate Prior to Cooking

Is it OK to marinate pork chops before cooking?

Sure. If you want.

jimjan1953 - Marinating can be useless or (sometimes) worthwhile, productive or counterproductive. It all depends on the main products, and ingredients that are used, time, temp and environment, and what goal you are trying to achieve. e.g. in many cases, taste wise, a good accompanying sauce will yield better results. Always bear in mind that a marinade barely penetrates the surface of meats, i.e. generally speaking, it’s useless on tender meats and poultry, and “can” be destructive on fragile sea food and fish. I suggest you carefully research the subject via Google for “serious” sources of information, e.g. particularly reputed culinary schools, test labs and pro health consultants, etc.
Analyzing a lot of online recipes over the years have convinced me that many people don’t know what they are talking about. As a result, recipes can be quite unhealthy and are simply a waste of time and energy. Make sure your sources are reliable.
Take note that a lot of great articles on the subject are written in languages other than English. On culinary matters, e.g. French sites (among others) offer fabulous sources of pertinent trustworthy information on the subjects of sous-vide and marinating (or not). The far from perfect Google Translate can be of some assistance to you if you can joggle with words and expressions emanating from cultures that are different than yours, of course. Unfortunately, the current Anova site is hardly a place that deals seriously with this matter. Good luck!