Do I need to re-package

If I purchase marinated meat at the butchers is it safe to cook in that packaging or should it be re-packaged?

You might like to look at this, where your question is discussed:

Yeah looks like a good one. Thank you for sharing.

Jennie, before cooking you should always consider the marinating ingredients, particularly if they contain acidic ingredients like vinegar or citrus. They could accelerate the tenderizing process while cooking.

Strongly agree with the cat on this point. I once did some beef short ribs with a kiwi marinade. The sous vide cook accelerated the tenderizing process from the enzymes in the kiwi to the point that the texture of the meat was rather unpleasant. Tasted pretty good though.

Thanks very much for your answers. Think to be on the safe side I will just re-package. But again, thanks for the help.

No, this is a useless action. After all, if you are sold meat in this package, it is evident that the sellers do not want to harm you. Therefore, if you need to repackage, do it, but this is only for convenience. And the meat will be good in this package anyway. I was once also interested in similar questions on the forum, but already about coffee because I opened my own business selling coffee from Italy, and I needed to find out for the first time. I have also been looking for a packaging company for a very long time, which will provide me with everything I need. Those were fun times!

Thank you for sharing the Bag Broker’s site and details.

Speaking of useless actions, coffee packaging supplies may not be suitable for SV cooking, particularly those fitted with vents.

Repackaging with purpose made products allow items to be seasoned or have flavour enhancements added before cooking. They also prevent unfavourable surprises during cooking.