Sous Vide Marinated Half Chicken

I bought a half chicken from the supermarket. It is in a vacuum bag, complete with marinade
Can I sous vide it as is?
What temp and for how long?

The supermarket also sells chicken kebabs in a vacuum bag, complete with marinade. So will be keen to sous vide these!

Thanks in advance

I have not had good luck doing this. One was my fault and the other the packaging.

First if you try it make sure all paper labels are fully removed. They disintegrate during cooking and make a mess of the unit.

Second is the bag’s seal. You do not know how good it it and it may fail and again you are faced with a mess.

I do not know what the material of the bag contains but others have expressed concern about contamination from the plastic if it is not sous vide compatible.

All this being said I use my own vacuum sealer and bags now.

+1 for what John said. Manufacturer packaging is unreliable and you don’t want carcinogenic chemicals leaching out of the plastic into your food. Always best to repackage into known-good bags.

The packaging is only meant to ensure delivery to the consumer, not to be cooked in.

Thanks guys
Will certainly heed your advice

Just MORE plastic. For me a real drawback against sous vide cooking. Reusable bags don’t clean easily or properly

I get many uses out of my vacuum bags. I start off bigger than I need and cut off just the inch or less where the seal is invert the bags and wash them. They get smaller each time and when they are too small for cooking I use them for dry storage of things for camping and other thing.

Transfer all the content in one of your sous vide bags. Why take the chance to ruin a meal to save a buck… Easy way to do it, have your bag ready and pour the content of the store bag directly, then seal it. You can use the LARGE or XL size Ziploc and use the immersion technique to close it.