Omaha steaks

Is it possible to cook Omaha steaks via Sous Vide directly in the packaging the provide?

Hm, I think I’d play it safe and repackage it. Mostly because we’re not sure what sort of materials were used? But I know there are many opinions on this. Maybe we can get some peeps to jump in on this @acs @Ember @RichardOL?

I’ve never had anything from Omaha Steaks, nor have I ever seen their packaging up close.

Bearing that in mind, I can only give some general comments as follows:

Most meat vacuum packing is fine to cook in but only of there is no absorbent pack in there with it, or paperboard (like in some commercial bacon packages). It should be just the vacuum pack plastic. The semi-flexible cut resistant plastic sheets or strips that are sometimes placed in the bags as bone guards, I believe are food grade nylon, and should be fine to leave in.
The vacuum sealed trays might or might not work depending on what plastic the tray is made out of. I would not attempt to sous vide vacuum sealed styrofoam either. You should always remove any labels or stickers from the outside of the package, as these will come off in the hot water and likely end up in the impeller.

Just looked at some google images of the Omaha Steaks packaging, can’t find any photos of the bottom (flat) side, but looks like a heavy duty cryopack of some sort, which I think would be fine.

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I have not tried it. Make sure there are no stickers on the outside. They come off in the bath and make a mess of the device. This is from my personal list of things not to do again.

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I think, just for peace of mind, I’d repackage.

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Omaha’s web page “Omaha Steaks Sous Vide Cooking Chart” specifically advises against it:

“Sous vide works by surrounding your food in a precisely temperature-controlled water bath until you’re ready. Just attach the cooker to any water-filled pot, put your food in a sealable bag (we do not recommend cooking in Omaha Steaks packaging), and set the time and temperature.”