Putting more than 1 piece of meat in a bag to cook?

I’m new to the Sous Vide way, and will be cooking 2 bone in ribeye steaks this evening. My question is do I need to put each ribeye (or chicken breast later) in its own vacuum sealed packed before the soak or can I put both of them in 1 package?


Tod Cox

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They can be in the same pack, but should be separate, ideally not touching. You want the water to get to all surfaces of the steaks, so they cook evenly.

(you could also stack them, but then you would need to alter your cooking time for the much thicker “piece” of meat).


Thanks for the quick reply. Can’t wait to start using the Anova.

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Careful with the bone tips, they have been known to punch though the bags. If you have a strip of extra vacuum seal plastic or something similar, you can rig up a bone guard to keep the sharp edge from puncturing the bag.

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Besides changing the cooking time, stacking changes how seasoning is absorbed. I pay special attention to keeping meat to a single layer.

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