Maximum water volume?

What is the specification for the maximum amount of water that the anvova can maintain constant temperature? I will be finishing a large batch of summer sausages, and I need as much pot/tank space as possible

Recommendation is about 5 gallons for the 800w Bluetooth model and 5.5 gallons for the 900w Wifi model. But this can ben safely increased if you’re using warm water to begin with (the biggest strain on the unit is heating water to temperature) and using an insulated container.

I cook in a 30 litre cooler with no issues or cold spots.

I saw some examples on Facebook. Did you cut an access hole for the anova through the lid of the cooler?


There is a thread (or two) dedicated to the construction of ‘Frankencoolers’ for cooking in.

I have the 900 watt model and have no issues keeping temp at 160f in a 48 qt cooler. I use the “hole in lid” method to minimize heat loss. I do this to cook 20 to 40 LBS of pork shoulder cut in 10lb chunks. I preheat the water.