Meat texture when reheating

I recently made some chicken with my Anova for the first time. When I went to reheat the chicken in the microwave, the texture was rather gummy.

  • Is this something that happened because of the microwaving?
  • What would be a better way of quickly reheating?

Most likely it cooked past the initial cook temp, resulting in the rubbery texture. The best way to reheat is in the sous vide itself at the same temp you cooked it at, but not necessarily the quickest.


Oh that probably makes sense. I did read that if you cook it at a lower temp + longer time it could have big changes on texture.

@colewagoner for the win! Where sous vide cooks food from the outside-in, microwaving cooks it from the inside-out and definitely changes the texture. Reheating it to initial temp via another dip in the Anova bath would certainly preserve the texture better. If you don’t mind sacrificing the texture a little bit, I would consider reheating pieces either on the stovetop or in a toaster or regular oven, wrapped in foil for the oven options.

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