Moderate success with BBQ chicken

This week, I did my first BBQ of a chicken in the APO.

I used the “Roast Chicken 101” recipe, but I added a BBQ rub to the chicken before putting it into the oven.

I did the sear for seven minutes, but I’ll do more, next time–I was afraid of burning the skin.

I’ve rate what I did as a 7/10. The chicken meat was wonderfully juicy and good, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with the skin.

Research will continue!

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Congrats, experimental dinners are not to be scoffed at (scoffed down yes)
My favourite for oven / grill finishing any meat is to use an “X” rack (stainles steel) which allows better air flow crisping on all aspects of the bird & more meat gleaned & consumed

Duck has produced favourable results this way.
Searing is one of those things that experience calms the feeling of pressure & screwing up.
Butter caramelises meats nicely, my preference working on good pan finished colour without too much hang time in the pan (I force myself to use alexa timer as a guide)