More custard from ice cream

Continuing my search for a general recipe for using ice cream as a base for custard I tried a couple of new varieties from the Talenti brand, a sorbet and a gelato. Cooked at 165F for 4 hours. The recipe for this round was 1 cup eggs, 1 cup half and half, and 2 cups melted ice cream.

I am coming to the conclusion that the ice cream has to be very strongly flavored of the order that more than a small serving seems too rich. For example, so far one of the most successful has been B&J Phish Food.

Alphanso Mango sorbet formed two layers as seems to happen in these experiments. In this case however, the bottom layer was very loose and seemed to be where the mango pulp ended up. I like the top Âľ of the jar, but the flavor was weak and tasted more like squash than mango.

Caramel Apple Pie gelato formed a nice light custard. I liked it but the flavor did not stand up to being diluted with the egg and cream.

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