Motor rattled. Unit turned off once. Now circulator motor isn't spinning

After about 5 sessions, I decided to do a corned beef.  about 12 hours into a 48 hour session, the unit shut off in the middle of the night and the beef set there at 81F all night.  Discarded.

Bought another corned beef, and tried a 36 hour session at a higher temp.   The motor began to rattle.  Shaking it seemed to help for a while.  After 24 hours, I noticed the water was no longer circulating, and the temperature was fluctuating by like 5 degrees (presumably due to no circulation).  I manually stirred the pot every hour or so, so I could at least be able to eat Corned Beef #2.

After things cooled down, I took off the metal skirt, submerged the bottom half and noticed the circulator pump hums, but does not spin the blade.

I signed up to do two corned beefs for my son’s graduation party at school on May 27.  :(

Well you have a little time do get a replacement. Sorry for your loss of the corned beef.

Did you try tightening the screw on the bottom of the impeller?

They replaced it.