My anova coocker blow the fuses up

When I put in the plug into a socket the fuses in my house are blow up

Please contact Customer Support by Phone or Message.

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If multiple fuses are blowing because of a single device being plugged into a single socket then you’ve got some serious wiring problems.

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No i dont bacause i have 2 coockers and i dont have problem whit the second one on the same plug

More likely, what trips is not a fuse (which will happen only if you have short circuit) but an RCD (Residual Current Device). Those trip if there is a ground fault, meaning that there is current leaking out of the unit and finding its way to ground.

Either way, your device is not safe. Stop using it and get it replaced.

You misunderstand. A single wall outlet is part of a single circuit. Each circuit is protected by a different fuse/circuit breaker. With proper wiring, it is not possible for any single device plugged into a single outlet to trip/blow multiple circuit breakers/fuses in your breaker/fuse box. So while you should indeed contact Anova customer support about this, it would help if you first assemble an accurate description of exactly what’s happening. Which country do you live in? Is your home’s electrical wiring protected by fuses (which would have to be replaced if they “blow up”), or by circuit breakers (which can simply be reset by flipping a switch)? And how many fuses/breakers are actually being impacted when you use the cooker in question?