The GFCI problem is HUUUGE.

Yes this is a repeat topic, but I’m not here to just say my anova is tripping my circuit, I’m here to say WAY too many units are doing this.
I did just pour in water, so I knew it was my fault.
I tried to blow dry into the vents, no good.
Only after I left it open with a fan blowing on it for an hour did it begin working again.
This is no way to start Easter breakfast off!

I believe if you really depend on your anova to work every time, and on time, you have to have two units.
Three is best, because then you can throw the one that’s tripping your GFCI over a high balcony to get your anger level down a notch.
Anova, please fix this problem.

I don’t even want to know what the black plastic housing is made of, that crumbles to bits every 6 to 12 months.
I ASSUME you are fixing that material error.

Getting in touch with support is really your only useful option here.

Not sure what your plastic problem is. When you say ‘plastic housing’ are you talking of the unit or the bracket?

Your plastic housing crumbles? I’d get hold of support. I use my Anova a lot and I’ve had it well over a year. It still pretty much looks new.