My Anova just fell in

Pre heating my Anova for 26lbs of pork butt when I heard a pop. Go to my Anova and it’s submerged and the clamp is broken. I was using a cooler as a container. I’m guessing the warranty is not going to help here.

Chris, quick, - drain your Anova and blot dry.

Pack it in a large plastic bag of uncooked rice, use an ample amount, and seal the bag air tight and let it sit at least 5 days. Tumble the bag to redistribute the rice twice a day. Check the unit, if nothing was damaged by the water it should function again.

Can you think of any preventive measure you can take next time?

You are attempting to cook a commercial volume with a domestic appliance.

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There’s a lot of evidence that the rice doesn’t really work all that well. (I know we’ve all done it, but it’s not a great water absorption material). Silica gel packets, if you have them, certainly do.

The most important thing is pulling the power as quickly as possible to minimize the damage. Then let it dry out.

BUT - you need to contact support - if the clamp failure is due to a manufacturer defect, then the damage to the APC should be covered by your warranty (provided you’re still in your warranty period of course).

Agree with chatnoir’s comment. If you’re cooking 26 pounds of pork butt, that sounds like a vessel much larger than what’s supported (and, if you’re going to run that gamble - I likely would have had an insulated lid with a hole cut through it).

Good luck!!!

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