My EU wifi preorder arrival

Hi, I pre-ordered my anova wifi in the beginning of september, so not too late from the start of the pre-order periode, after a long talk with Angela on the website, I was told my order would ship mid oktober… I understand there was some kind of problem in your end and the shipping was delayed from a email I got last week promising me that early this week I would got some news… but today (almost at the end of the week) I received an email saying that probably (so not for sure) the items would arrive sometime in December and start to ship. When I ordered I was looking for a device to compliment my supreme bath, therefore I ordered this immersion circulator after being reassured of its availability, as I’m planning to cook with it at our family weekend during the first weekend of December. So I was wondering when can I expect it to be delivered? I would not mind to wait three months for a order if I get it on time for our weekend!