My Journal

I just thought of another sous vide related eye opening moment I had recently
Nothing to do with the ingredients.

I have started keeping a food journal. It has several sections; the first is for sous vide, then smoking and grilling and finally regular cooking.

I am finding that while the sous vide method is very tolerant there are certain time temperature combinations that produce the best results. For example last weekend I made poached eggs cooked at 75°C for 13 minutes per the recipe. Well they were very good, however, I had jumbo eggs instead of large and the whites were a tad runny. I am going to increase the time a bit this morning and record my settings in the journal for next time. The quality is not up to even blog standards just enough so that I can repeat a success. I may start including recipes I develop to pass to my daughter but for the most part this is for my use.

The scientific method, nice on I started this when I first started cooking, a notebook and pencil next to me as I go, and I now have a massively stained and well worn notebook with lots of crossing-out and many near-perfect dishes.

And the entry for sous vide carrots with curry powder has a huge line through it and a big word word “NO”. I have done the same thing when I started getting really into cooking with a precision cooker. I actually have 2 journals. I have one for recipes that I have deemed a success and than another where I can keep more detailed notes when I am in more of the experimental stage of trying to prefect recipes. I think it is a great idea and I make sure to tell anybody that I am talking to that is getting into cooking that this is a really great idea to do.