My last 3 cooks came out overcooked

So I’ve been using my anova for a little over a year now, and probably cooked 40+ meals that were absolutely perfect.
However, the last 3 cooks I did, it seemed to overcook my food. When I checked with a probe, the water was about 5C higher than the displayed temp.
This seems to make sense because the 55C steak I cooked came out more medium/medium well than medium rare.
Any thoughts on what could be causing the problem?

Email and we’ll get you taken care of!


You working for Anova now Cole?

Damn, I used to like you too…




J/K. You’ll be a great asset to them.

Yessss I am :slight_smile:

Cool! Congrats!

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@Wingstrike were you able to reach out to support and get the issue resolved?